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Paras & Manlapaz Lawyers | Atty. Siddharta S. PeñaredondoThe firm of Paras & Manlapaz Lawyers is pleased to announce the election to partnership of Mr. Siddharta JP III S. Peñaredondo effective 1 January 2010.

Mr. Peñaredondo’s work encompasses various aspects of litigation practice in civil, criminal and corporate matters.  He has handled legal concerns of an international bank by preparing, drafting, evaluating and reviewing syndicated term facility agreements, share charge and security sharing agreements, cross guarantee and indemnity agreements, comfort letters, labor contracts, acquisition agreements, syndicated and multi-party agreements, commercial contracts involving letters of credit, loans and export documents with reference to international trade with limited Philippine Tax consequences;

He has represented clients in complex and complicated cases involving several party litigants with cross claims by instituting or resisting provisional remedies such as, preliminary attachment, preliminary injunction, temporary restraining orders, replevin, and support pendente lite, petitions for receivership, bankruptcy, suspension of payments. His exposure extends to Special Proceedings by instituting or opposing estate proceedings, preparation and probate of last will and testament, appointment of special or regular administrator, distribution, partition and settlement of estate,

He has handled Special Civil actions for expropriation, foreclosure of real property, partition, forcible entry or ejectment cases and reconstitution of titles and civil cases involving rescission of contracts, demands for sums of money, damages, possession of real property,  petitions for nullity of marriage, protection orders, legal separation, custody and support;

He has represented clients in criminal cases involving crimes against persons, property and public interest such as grave threats, robbery, qualified theft, estafa and syndicated estafa, falsification, reckless imprudence resulting to physical injuries or homicide and damage to property; as well as criminal cases covered by special laws such as kidnapping for ransom with homicide and the Dangerous Drugs law. He has handled cases involving remedial measures and appeals from regular courts to appellate tribunals and Labor Cases involving prosecution or defense of labor practices, advocacy on collective bargaining agreements, strikes and lock-outs, preparation of employee code of conduct and manual, prepared petitions for assumption of jurisdiction, managed and implemented concerns for retrenchment, redundancy and closure of establishment,  labor organization, unfair labor practices, termination of employment, post employment, grievance machinery, Collective Bargaining and Administration of Agreement.

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